We help universities to recruit students who will change the world.

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That looks easy

Finally a student recruitment CRM that is easy to use and still packed with features you can only find in a product built in the UK, for UK HE and FE providers.

Treat your team to the CRM they have been waiting for.

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Enquiry capture on your iPads

The original and still with the most advanced features, this free iOS app lets your events officers collect student details even when there is no WiFi.

It syncs students into the cloud and sends out automated communications to follow up students within seconds.


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Respond to all enquiries quickly

Give your Enquiries team the tools to get the job done - quickly, accurately and confidently.

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Complex open days made simple

Increase your open day bookings, attendance rate and on-campus engagement. The more complex the better, because we have the most advanced features available. 

UK features

Built to work natively with UCAS course codes, clearing embargoes, multiple applications per student, level 4, 5, 6, and 7 qualifications, campus visits for small groups, booking open days on a smartphone, collecting enquiries at a UCAS fair and much more.

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Jump around

Keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity in a single keystroke.

Search for a student, get help, chat with a colleague, jump between apps like a pro, or just chill.

Cloud software

Nothing to install. This SaaS (Software as a Service) requires no IT resource, runs in the cloud in the UK, with data stored in the UK.

Let your users log in using their favourite browser and their favourite device, on campus at their desk, or off campus at an event.

Already trusted by thousands of university and college recruitment officers here in the UK.